. Bachelor in Fine Arts, Utah Valley University.

. School of the Art and Visual Communications

Emphasis: Photography

·      Minor: Digital Media

·      Minor: Spanish

·      Photogravure Workshop at DuToit Photogravure. July 2016

Exhibits and Publications       


_ JoAnn O Keller Scholarship. Spring 2018

_ Woodbury Art Museum, SAS. "Encounter" Multimedia.

"Impenetrable" Multimedia

"One Summer at Capitol Reef" Palladium Series.

"Cowboy", Book, Press Print.

_ Arthur Futurus. Lands & Legends. Department of Art and Design Book. Photographs.

Work Experience:

.      Internship with the Utah Valley University Marketing Department (Fall 2018)

.      Photographer for the Utah Valley University Athletics Department.

Publications and Exhibits


_ Dividing Colors book. Result of a study abroad and made by students and teachers in the Art and Design department. Various images.

_Dividing Colors, Civil War photographic series. Noorda Center for the performing arts. Utah Valley University.

_ Photo in the cover of the Volume 3 Issue 1 of the Journal of Students Leadership Spring.

_ Sunset of a Queen. Journal of Student Leadership special edition, Women and Leadership.

_ BFA exhibit “Spiritual Frames of the Mind” Covey Center for the Arts during May 2019


_ Touchstone magazine: “La Boca”. Photography.

_ “You’re not alone” Third Place Art.

_ Essais Magazine. “News” Photogravure.

_ Warp + Wave. “Limbo” Photography.

_ Woodbury Art Museum. SAS. “Diligence” Photogravure. 


_Touchstone Magazine. “Desaparecidos”. Photography

_Woodbury Art Museum. SAS. “Cat Wire Sculpture”

_ Digital Photography

_ Uncommon Ground. The National Park Service. 100 Years in Utah. Department of Art and Design. “Looking Through” Photography. P 72,73.


_ Woodbury Art Museum SAS Dark Room Print Portrait. “Gone”

_ Dark room Print. Man Portrait.

_ Flowers. Photography.


_ Full tuition as a photographer for the Utah Valley University Athletics Department Spring and Fall 2018

_ JoAnn O Keller Scholarship. Fall 2017

_ General Endowment Scholarship. Fall and Spring Semester 2016

_ Woodbury Art Museum. SAS. Award Juror Special Mention. Dark Room Print Portrait. “Gone”