Speak for Yourself

When we hear the word “leader” we might assume, for example, that it refers to someone at the head of a political party. At least that’s the misconception that I had. The first thing I wonder was “How can I lead others if I don’t know how successfully lead my own life?”.



Your Own Life

            Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “I came to the conclusion that there is an existential moment in your life when you must decide to speak for yourself; nobody can speak for you”.

That’s a powerful statement. We usually think that others can do or say things better than us. The fear that paralyzes a person may come from ignorance, lack of conviction or low self-esteem. I would like to share some ideas that have been helpful to me.

·      Silence. Find a place where you can be away from the noise. By noise, I mean all the things in your day that create distractions like social media, tv, busy environments, worries. Use that time to direct your attention into your own thoughts.

·      Focus your attention on yourself. Remember who you are, which challenges have you faced to get where you are now? We spend many hours, daily, listening to others. How much time do you take to listen to yourself?

·      Let go of the situations or people that are toxic to you. We carry around a big baggage that don’t let us move forward. By doing so, we are wasting time that we could be investing on something uplifting to us.

·      Learn something new every day. Even the simplest lessons are a deposit into our knowledge account. You never know when can be handy. Is there a skill that you want to develop? What about creating a new habit? Of course, it has to be something that you enjoy. That will make you happy, I promise.

·      Share what you’ve learned. This will help you reinforce the concepts in your mind. But the most important aspect to take away from it, is that you will be communicating. Engaging in a conversation and discovering what other’s think, will open your mind to new ideas.

At that point, you will find your own voice. Then, the only person that will truly speak for you, is You.

There is always a way to find our own path to follow.

There is always a way to find our own path to follow.

What keeps me going, my passion for what I do.

I get up in the morning, and then life happens. Stress, responsibilities, work, school, home, kids, bills, "musts" and "have to".  Eventually, I feel the need to put everything on a side and open an image. Being creative is what helps me to breath.


Genesis Queen.jpg
Niky 72.jpg

Bridals. You don't need to see the details to get the feelings.

Some people automatically pose when they stand in front of the camera. The way I like to shoot is letting the subjects of my pictures to interact with each other. You can be aware of the camera at the beginning, but eventually, you will redirect your focus to the person next to you. And even if you cannot see every detail of the scene, you can still recognize the feeling.

That's one of the reasons why I like this image. The other reason is that I call this two "Family".

The power of invisibility in photography



Adjective: unable to be seen; not visible to the eye.

If you are an artist, you probably like when your work is acknowledged. We work to fulfill our own expectations but there is always a purpose of interaction with the viewer. In that case, when I feel invisible, it is on a negative way. Now, when you are a photographer that likes to capture candid moments, I use my invisibility as a strength. One of the best compliments I ever had from a client, was "When did you take all these pictures? I barely saw you that day!"


Being at the right place at the right time makes good photography happen.

Utah has wonderful places to visit. I'm always amazed by the wonderful nature around us. There is a diversity of landscapes that we can enjoy in our State. Last weekend we drove to a destination that we've been wanting to visit for a while, Antelope Island. It was one of those days when we experience all four station's weather in a period of two hours. We saw the storm over the island and the closer we got, we were more and more amazed by this giant moody clouds above us.

First, we felt the rain, then hail. As we stop for a few minutes, we saw this woman riding her horse, coming nearby to find some refuge in the small construction where we were at. The animal was nervous and she calmly talked to her furry friend. After a couple of minutes, they joined the group that came after them and off they went, under the storm.

View from the other side of the Valley.

View from the other side of the Valley.

Taking Over.

Taking Over.

Which type of photographer are you? Or, if you are not, which type a photographer do you prefer?

Photography can be considered my job but is mainly my passion. This happened yesterday when I was having a good time with my family. I saw this guy doing his assignment, walking through spaces filled with people, shooting to different situations hidden under the umbrellas, I couldn't resist getting my phone up and shooting this image. I don't know his name, but I know that he must like what he does a lot and engages with the subject. That's my way of working.

A few steps later, I saw him. Standing alone, away from the crowd scanning for the right moment. We can be as active and passive as we want. If we are good, we will obtain rich images no matter what. As a photographer, you have the freedom to chose your own dynamic of work, and as a client, the freedom to chose the style that fits better to your needs.

Now tell me: What's your preference?

Picture sessions can be intimidating. Trust your photographer

Ninety-eight percent of my clients are people like you and me. A photography session can be intimidating. You might not know how to stand in front of a camera, how to position your body, what to do with your hands, etc. All that being said, remember that the person that you hire as your photographer, can be someone that has an experience and/or education that allows him or her to get good portraits despite your inexperience as a model.

I'm a Junior student at Utah Valley University, and for the past three years, I have absorbed a lot of information that allows me to feel more confident with my work. Learning photography is not just about how to handle a camera or develop a film. We learn about design, color management, printing process, history of art and photography, we work on projects while trying to find or reinforce our identity as artists and yes, we do a lot of thinking.

I adore the creating process. Sometimes, I have days, weeks, months or even years to work on an idea. Some other times, like when I do engagement, wedding, family or any other type of Portrait Photography, I like to create on the spot. It is between the awkward poses that I find "the moment" that it is worth to frame and showcase on your wall.

Now do me a favor: next time you want some pictures taken, I would recommend you to do some research, find a photographer that has a style that you like, and then trust, relax and have fun. After all, it's all about enjoying the moment.

The Sunday table. Why documentary style of photography is important to me.

Take a look at this image, and tell me what do you see?


You just probably described the elements on this picture. Some might look familiar, some might look slightly different to what you know, and some you might have never seen before. 

Now, let me tell you what I see. I see laughs, embraces, and a kiss on the chick because that is how we welcome each other. I see the hands of the woman who prepared the meal, homemade, the way her mother, my grandmother taught us because that's how she learned from her mother before. I see us talking and telling each other what's going on, how we have adopted traditions in this country up North and how they keep living our folklore down South. I see the regular philosophical moment right after lunch when the trending topic comes up. Some grab a cup of coffee others drink mate, and we all share our own ways of fixing this world. I see triggers of millions of memories that keep me connected to my roots. I see my family, and I can feel how much I miss them.

Not even the most expensive and fancy gear can capture what the human eye can. Behind an image, there is always a story to be told. When the story is true fact and comes from our heart, then suddenly we don't have a snapshot anymore.

Now tell me, what do you see? Still the same?

The power of Candid Black and White Photography.

If you wonder which one is my favorite style, here it is an example of what I love to do: 

In this image, we have Guillermo and Jauni as the stars of a lovely candid black and white photograph. After all the photoshoots that I've done, I can assure you that no everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera. Some common questions that I hear are: "What do I do now? How do I stand? Where do I look? It takes the person a few minutes to relax and feel more confident. I just let them interact and be who they are. Then the magic happens.

The power of Black and White, let the viewer read the story and add his or her own feelings to it. We don't get distracted by the interpretation of the colors. 

You don't need to be a professional model to have a good picture taken. You just need to find a professional photographer ;-)


A piece of me

Every time I submit an image to a photo contest is as if I was sending a piece of me. This photography is going to be published in the 2017 Touchstone magazine. What makes it special to me is that it shows part of where I come from. I'm very proud of calling myself Argentinian. My past and present, the two countries that have seen me grow, they both have shaped me into who I am now. When I show an image, I'm also showing my feelings from the moment that I shot it, to the time I edited it. I hope that they can be translated into the viewer's own emotions. "La Boca"

After being shooting digital for a while, this past weekend I decided to go out and use some film.Even though I haven't developed it yet, I'm pleaseed that I tried.

Last week in one of my classes, our instructor, Justin, told us: "If you like to edit your pictures to make them look like film, do you know which one is the best solution? Shoot film!". The digital world has made everything easier.  When someone walks in front of my camera right when I'm about to shoot and apologyses for ruining the shot, I just tell them: "It's okay, is digital, I can do it again". When I shoot film, it is a different story. I tend to planify more, pay attention to details and re think before I shoot. 

One of the advantages of being a college student, is that we have access to equipement. I can go and develop my own black and white film. It's all about trial and error. To me, the best way to learn. 

Today, I used the Studio to work on an assignment. It is amazing how much a key light makes an image to look better. While I was waiting for my subject  to change outfits, I asked my son and then my husband to sit for in front of me for a very short time and did their portraits. I don't know about you, but to me, the best shots come when I don't planify them. I like candid photography a lot! This is the result of that moment. For the film, you will have to wait.

The importance of a good photo edit. My work before what I learned at school and after it.

I'm currently a Junior student at Utah Valley University. Bachelor in Fine Arts with emphases in Photography is a program where we learn more than how to technically use a camera. Besides studying the fundamentals of design, lighting, and processes to print digital and film photography and how to use programs to do better editing, we learn about meaning and content. Our work is being critiqued on regular basis by peer students. We learn to listen to other's point of view and that helps us to think out of the box.

I can see a lot of improvement in my own work. The following images are an example of that. Both were taken in the exact same place and with the same natural light. Even though I love the feeling of the one on the left (She is Adorable!), you can clearly see that it doesn't have a good quality. The camera used the second time is different and the way of editing is also different. 

Can you see it too?

How I like to shoot Wedding.

Producing images of such a special day is a big responsibility.  To me, that moment is all about the couple and their loved ones. Usually, the new Mr and Mrs are so busy, that they don't have time to pay attention to the details. It is my job to recollect as much information as I can, without being invasive. That's the moment when a zoom lens and candid pictures come on handy.

I try to see that day as something very important for my clients, more than just a job. I get to know them and allow myself to feel happy for them. My favorite part is to capture people's reaction. You can absolutely read body language, and when I deliver my work, I imagine the couple sitting together to watch and discover something new, that was created days before. I imagine them looking at their friends and family interacting, enjoying the moment because of the celebration of two people becoming one. It always feels good when you see others happy for you, right?.


The candid photographs that I treasure.

Going for a ride with my husband Phil is one of my favorites things to do. He drives, I look through the window, we listen to some music and enjoy the landscape or cityscape. 

One thing is to have a photo shoot scheduled or a due date for a school assignment. In that case, I can prepare in advance to work on those photographs. I will develop an idea in my mind and then produce what I need.  Another different thing is to go on an "image hunting". Expecting the unexpected, paying attention to the surrounding and see if there is something that gets my attention.

This past weekend, after many cold, rainy days, we had a wonderful weather. Driving through Provo Canyon, we found families enjoying the day, spending time together. The only cell phone that I saw, was the one that a man was holding to take a picture of his son and girlfriend. I couldn't resist and asked them if I could take their picture. They cordially accepted and we had the chance to chat for a little bit.

I think that the best family pictures are the ones when we capture those candid moments. Bellow, you can see what I saw. And by the way, walking on a frozen lake is AMAZING!

What photography means to me.

Trying, failing, and trying again. Day after day, I'm my worst critic. Being a Photographer is more than a profession to me. It's a way to let my voice be heard in a different manner. 

No too far ago, I realized that in order to please people, I was often becoming a "chameleon". When I decided to be true to myself, I resolved to channel that ability into my work as a photographer. At that moment,  it's all about whom or what I see through the viewfinder.