The Old Sheldon Church Ruins is a historic site located in northern Beaufort County.

South Carolina. @marcelaolsenphotography



National Parks in the East States of the USA, show battlefields and important historic sites where the Civil War occurred. I chose this image to represent the constant internal battles in our mind.

North Carolina. @marcelaolsenphotography



When growing up in Argentina, our home always had a Holy Card on top of the entrance door. Saint Cayetan is patron saint of wheat, prosperity and labor. In my series, this image represents the amount of faith that we put into religious personages when we pray for providence.

North Carolina. @marcelaolsenphotography


Faith requires a considerably amount of strength. Always looking up and resisting the falling down.

Bryce Canyon, Ut. @marcelaolsenphotography


Woman of great faith


It’s not easy to be always faithful. I’ve fallen down many times, and many times I’ve gotten up through faithfulness.

Because of our similar physical appearance, I chose to portrait my daughter for this image.

Provo, Ut. @marcelaolsenphotography


Sometimes we lose hope. While looking magnificent in the outside, we might not feel likewise inside.

Antelope Island, Utah. @marcelaolsenphotography

Transient (1).jpg